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Posted on October 23, 2014 by Brad Baldridge A leading expert in college funding, Brad Baldridge, CFP®, is the owner of Baldridge College Solutions and chief podcaster and blogger at Taming the High Cost of College.

Writing Successful College Applications We’ve talked a lot about the college essay, but today we’re putting it all into perspective. College admissions professional and author Cynthia Muchnick joins us to talk about her book, “Writing Successful College Ap-plications: It’s More Than Just the Essay” and we discuss what not to overlook, and how to use the book to set yourself up for success. Later, we will also discuss a question on student loan repayment – how soon do you need to start paying, what options are out there for loans as well as repayment and when you should even start to research it. Student, Admissions Volunteer, Admissions Professional Cynthia Muchnick has spent 20 years in education, first as a student tour guide at Stanford University, then as a volunteer in the admissions office. There she became interested in the process, which led her to pursue it as a career. She’s worked as a counselor at the University of Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology before starting her own business in college counseling.


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